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- Pets can need to get to appointments at the vet during the day, or maybe your pooch needs a ride to Doggie Day Care which doesn't open on your schedule.

- The Lady walks dogs, dives a pet taxi, takes your dog or cat to the groomers, and does errands such as picking up dog food or supplies.


- Yikes! Who knew raising a puppy takes so much out of a person?

- A puppy needs watching, and you need to go to work, or need a break even if you are at home with "the baby." We can work out a plan for potty breaks and simple training lessons, because we want to start good habits right away. Trainers suggest keeping the puppy crated, but they also need to be busy, engaged, and kissed!

  Pet sitters International logo "The average dog is a nicer person than the average person." - Andy Rooney    

- Daily exercise and play is best for dogs. They aren't meant to sit and watch TV or pine for TLC! Most behavior problems are caused when dogs aren't occupied physically or mentally. Many were bred for centuries to have a job, and that's what makes them happy and healthy!

- Many trainers suggest dogs be crated or have limited "roaming" of the house ("run" of the house means they are in charge of it!) Getting out for leash walks, games, and/or backyard romps are important for dogs during the day.

- Late afternoon potty breaks can relieve stress for you and your dog when meetings or traffic (or socializing!) go late.

- When you're out of town, your pets can do best in their familiar surroundings rather than being boarded or even "moving in" with strange people, pets and smells.

- As a pet sitter, I will keep to your routine, make sure everything is clean, the pets are eating, exercising and happy. I get them up in the morning and put them to bed at night per the plan we set up together.