Bob with Nina

"I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me they are the role model for being alive."
- Gilda Radner


Well Hello, look at you, aren’t you pretty!  Here, sniff my hand…

Oh, sorry, you’re a person, and you need me to use words to learn about me!

My name is Natasha Poppe and I've been a pet owner for over 25 years.

June, 2016 marks four years of my Saint Paul dog walking business. I’m as busy as I want to be, and loving every day of my new adventure! Well, some of the temperature extremes have been bit of an issue – but the dogs and I got out and enjoyed ourselves!

My “clients” have ranged from Chihuahua and Pomeranian to German Shepherd, Pit Bull and even a Malamute – Boxer mix, but most have been puppies, sometimes starting with 2-3 visits a day. And of course, a number of sweet kitties! It’s been a privilege to work with such wonderful pets, and terrific pet owners!

I have learned so much about dog behavior, from readings, from the dogs themselves, and from the excellent trainers I work with and observe every week at the Humane Society. They are so positive and patient with animals. And having a very fearful dog directed me to much research and expertise about building the relationship of trust you need in order for your dog to learn.  The bottom line: treats work!


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Nina as a puppy

Nina at two months

My career has been in education, teaching a broad age range, and I can relate to the "new" approaches to dog training and the psychology behind it. Actually, it’s what cat advice has always been: yelling or punishing tells them to stay away from you, NOT to stop the thing they have already forgotten about. Make being with you the best thing in the world, so that they will want to come to you and will enjoy your praise. Association is the main thinking pattern: if I do this thing, I get ignored... if I do that thing – Yay!  Fun, praise and treats!  And… consistency! The thing they want to do is rewarding to them, so your rewards need to be better.

I'm an artist as well as an educator. You might be interested in my other pet-related services. I have been asked to make ceramic memorials or urns for special animal friends. I can do pet portraits, and custom-made bird baths. See examples here.

stoli_smileMy Sweet Stoli! In October of 2015, Stoli developed seizures and in spite of treatment, in June of 2016 she died during a seizure at night.Heartbroken, I was surprized that Bob wanted another Eskie, and a puppy, as soon as possible. In August little Nina arrived -- and oh my she has kept us busy!



Bob_with_Yaki...and two sweet boys - Bob and Yaki!