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"I love a dog. He does nothing for political reasons."
- Will Rogers

My Commitments to you:

Your pet is central to your life and I take this responsibility seriously. My contract with you means that your pet is my complete focus when under my care. This means that:

-I will not take dogs to dog parks, where other dogs may be aggressive, younger ones may be unvaccinated, poop might be around that a dog might eat, etc. If you have a regular dog park that you are really comfortable with and request that I take your dog there, we will work out a plan.

-A crate is the safest way for me to transport your pets in my vehicle if it will fit.  Other safety equipment will be backup.

-I will not group dogs together without your knowledge– again, it will be a planned play date.

-You are the expert on your dog and we will create a plan that meets your needs and does the best for your pet(s).

-And, of course, you won’t discover your dog tied to a lamppost while I’m hitting the shops!

My Policies/Expectations

Payment: Payment is expected before pet sitting.  Half payment is expected before first dog-walks, then a bi-weeky schedule can be set up. Payment by cash, checks and credit are accepted.  There is a $30 fee for returned checks. 

Pet Immunization/Identification: Your pets must be up-to-date with vaccinations. I will request to have copies on file and veterinarian’s contact info. Dogs need an ID tag or collar.

House Key: There is a $5 charge for extra house key pickup & return. For regular clients we will keep a copy your house key with us to maintain the security of your home and pet at no additional cost. 

To ensure safety of your animals, I may use a different collar or leash style common to professionals, comfortable to the dog and to prevent escapes. I do not use harmful e-collars or prongs.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be received within 24 hours of pet sitting service.  Failure to call us will result in a charge of $20.  For dog walking services we need notice by 8am or a charge will be incurred.

Holiday Surcharge:  There is an additional cost of $10 for dog walking or pet sitting services on the following holidays: 

New Year's Eve
New Year's Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

Weather:  extreme heat or cold is not good for the health of some pets, and some don’t know why we would want to go out in a downpour! We will make the best judgment to balance outdoor and indoor activity in severe conditions.