training links

Patricia McConnell
Best known for "The Other End Of the Leash," her work helped establish positive training techniques.

This work by Debbie Jacobs has been enormously helpful for me with my fearful dog. Any dog, and owner, would benefit.

The Dog Talk Diva
Camilla Gray Nelson has been training dogs in California and has tailored her style to address women, because we often don't take control the way a dog needs. By wonderful coincidence, I saw that she was in town promoting her book "Lipstick and the Leash."

Karen Prior Clicker Training, the best research -- the original --about working with a variety of animals

Dr. Ian Dunbar This is his Author's link on Amazon. Great puppy books, Dr. Dunbar has an Academy, Ted Talks, etc. Google him!

No Dog About It
A fun and informative local (MN) blog. You can subscribe and "like" on Facebook.

Dr. Sophia Yin, The Perfect Puppy in 7 Days and others, her site continues her legacy.


Puppy Proofing Your Home

Toxic Plants omg there are so many!

Go Pet Friendly
Info on hotels and travel with pets.

Pet Food Recalls

Toxic Foods: Print and put on your fridge!

Animal Humane Society

Sometimes written off because of their euthenize policy, but they ACCEPT all animals brought in no matter how sick, work extensively to help them become healthy and adoptable, do tons of outreach, fostering, training programs, etc.Great resource pages!

Pet Finder
A major source for pet rescue services. Many of the pets are being fostered but the shelter info is included.

Dog Breed Info
Extensive resource. Where I first learned about "Small Dog Syndrome" when we met a wonderful Pomerainian and were thinking about. adopting one.